About us

It all started in 1964 when Anthony Buckley set up the UK’s first agency dedicated to employee communications. He called it AB. More than 50 years later, the agency he founded creates content and builds channels for employees, customers and stakeholders.

Say hello to these lovely ABers. We’ve given everyone 180-182 characters to make an introduction.

Anthony Naughton
Publishing director

Family, Arsenal, West End, New York, Brijuni, Ennis, Scarborough, 10k runs, Coram’s Fields, Cruyff,  Martin Simpson, Bowie, Roxy, pubs, Stanfords, 6Music, Only Connect, Hangover Square, John Le Mesurier, Thames

Duncan Mills

Travel, quizzes, skiing, snorkelling, proper cider, good food, wildlife photography, headlines, Wimbledon park (ducks and swings!), Liverpool FC, Zanzibar, England rugby, Coldplay.

Ben Hall

Folk music, battered food, West Bromwich Albion, meaty features, Scotland, Sci-Fi, new places, cooking, Lenco turntable, real ale, TV seasons with an arc, Teeline, Morrisons, Springsteen, comedy, countryside.

Danielle Pond
Operations co-ordinator

Family, friends, West Ham, cocktails, gym, karaoke, Glee, Becks, sweets, eating out, peanut butter, theatre, Marc Jacobs, Disneyworld, LA, Christmas, sun, Ed Sheeran, Frozen, Mary Poppins, home, Estee Lauder

Emma Bennett

Seaside, sunshine, festivals, family, friends, veggie, Adam & Joe, crisps, gin & tonic, Bowie, feminism, Crystal Palace, Alan Partridge, cats, cheese, spring, Hemingway, Radiohead, Amnesty International.

Liam Power

Arsenal, family, The Office, pub gardens, terrible jokes, UFC, rum, Goodfellas, Motown, Football Manager, The Sopranos, dogs, long weekends, Fred Perry, boxing, box sets, betting, NBA, Pulp Fiction, fillet steak.

Liam Garrahan
Video journalist

Football, New Forest, video, filming, presenting, pub, five-a-side, guitar, Southampton FC, eating out, long walks on the beach, cooking badly, microwaving well, missing trains, sleeping, not watering plants.

Katie Macaulay
Managing director

Sam, Harry, Barker, Cote D’Azur, Faiveley, Mercurey, Mark Rothko, Cinema Paradiso, theonion.com, Hampshire, fastcompany.com, history, Henri Cartier-Bresson, family photo albums, writing, Woody Allen’s earlier funny films.

Hilary Robertson

Florence and Fred, family, friends, green tea, lunch, Hitchin, Moleskine, Mont Blanc, Fry, Wilde, sax, Coltrane, Shaw, Curry, Heligan, Ronnie’s, art, style, first responding, Mulligan, the Specials.

Amy Hegarty

Friends & family. Musicals, comedy, summer, cocktails, pink, brunch, Disney, glitter, Christmas, a “cheeky” cider. Netball, dancing, skiing, singing (badly), running (slowly). Bristol, Birmingham, London.

Kirstie Pickering

Blogging, YouTube, filming, cameras, social media, baking, exploring, Brighton, sunshine, Scandinavian design, carrot cakes, beauty, city breaks, Hyde Park, lazy days, spontaneity, Spotify, Ikea, magazines.

Emma Powys Maurice

Knitting, backpacking, dogs, 80s music, pub quizzes, sci-fi, Indian food, documentaries, camping, Manchester, prosecco, Battlestar Galactica, museums, watching cat videos on YouTube.

Jess Foley

Friends, family, fun, being outdoors, exploring, Metallica, coffee, gigs, photography, turquoise, Sanrio, sunshine, gallery bookshops, doodling, beer gardens, travelling, festivals, making things, pens 🙂

Abi Idris
Head of finance/director

Ben, Johnson, family, friends, money, shopping, DIY, Pillow Talk, Thai cuisine, Milan, gospel music, Doris Day, oak wood, Wassily Kandinsky, Courvoisier cognac, blue, Numb3rs.

Joel O'Connor
Creative director

The Mersey (and its beats), Astral Weeks, melodies, noise, silence, string instruments, Peter Blake, the Turbine Hall, Llandudno, Marie’s cafe, Larry, Bourbon Creams, family and friends.

Paul Smith

Pippa, family, Notts County, Nottingham, football, cricket, journalism, London 2012, rugby, England, Spartacus, Jake Bugg, real ale, homemade chips, chocolate, Hustle, reading, Italy

Tracy Gallagher
Operations director

Family, friends, home. Work, rest, play. Food, wine, good times. Sarcasm, banter, laughter. Cocktail hour, coffee hour. Films, books, gym. Company. Solitude. Always glass half full.

Nicholas Dawson

All things Spain, Galicia, Private Eye, philosophy, poetry, reading, wildlife watching, Earl Grey, pies sweet and savoury, Double Deckers, good cider, epic soundtracks and hymns, SW London. Golden rule: Don’t panic.

Gemma Wilson
Deputy editor

Family, friends, Caribbean food, Indian food, gym, Marvel films, chick flicks, women’s weeklies, news, fashion, beauty, shopping, Michael Jackson, mobile phone, biography, multiculturalism, the V&A, antiques.

George Greaves

Tapas, family dinners, my husband, my son, Ibiza, Barbados, cocktails with the girls, summer, cooking, making memories, photo snaps, traditional London pie mash, walks by the river.

Lisa Mobley
Associate director – editorial

Lake District. RSPB volunteering. Games Maker. Sir David Attenborough. Rainforests. EastEnders. Kylie. Ngorongoro Crater. The Special One. Train journeys. Big cats. Pet cats. Wild places. 1980s. London 2012.

Jenny Amer

Family, bezzies, my goddaughter, mess, sequins, magpies, too many patterns, maps, Monocle, cherry beers, gold, letterpress, the John Peel tent, coconut ice, fear of fake things.

Luisa Cosio

Food, cooking, travel, photos, sunshine, parks, old bikes, black jeans, craft beer, farmers’ markets, red wine, playlists, BBQs, epic walks, cats, trees, New Zealand.

Neil Sweetman
Art editor

Millwall, Maria, Spencer, Brooke, smiling, Photoshop, Salvador Dali, chicken, the gym, David Guetta, Strongbow, cooking, Call of Duty, my garden, Centerparcs, documentaries, curry, Tunbridge Wells, Spain.

John Phillips
Operations co-ordinator

…endings, silver linings, stories, power, mornings, precision, glories, (my) Significant Other, Zoso, Tarantino, XII, 3Libras, White Pony, family, Spotify, Summer, sport, beginnings.

Freddie Reynolds

Long walks, short stories, pale ales, Adam Buxton, camping, coffee, Bob Hunter (as environmentalist), Serial podcast, John/Paul/George/Ringo, the Meters, Denis Johnson, bread & butter pudding, indy magazines.

Chris Winning
Head of client services

Côte d’Azur, Chianti wine, Chianti region, All good food in general, And wine, Travel, Planes & Trains, Sometimes automobiles, Owls, Otters, Chameleons, Fiancé, Family, Mark Gatiss, Gym, Jogging, Swimming…in the Seychelles