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Having a Yak

Published 01/07/2014. By Eloise Hindes, consultant.

Communicators from across the country – and as far away as Latvia – got together on Saturday for the annual Big Yak event.

Having been hugely impressed by the inaugural event last year, AB was a proud sponsor this time around when it arrived at eBay’s offices in Richmond, south-west London.

As an ‘unconference’, all sessions were decided on by the 150 attendees, and it was a great chance to tackle certain issues in-depth, as well as get a clearer overview of the challenges and difficulties facing internal communication (IC).

AB managing director Katie Macaulay ran a group discussing the transition within communication ‘from cascade to conversation’, looking to pick up a few more examples for her upcoming book on the subject. It was fascinating to hear experiences from organisations large and small, all of which were at different stages on this journey.

However, I was surprised that social media continues to be so widely discussed – it seems as if IC teams are still fighting many battles in this area.

Other topics included the changing skillsets of internal communicators and the challenges of an offline workforce.

We brought along our research report on the subject and were pleased to see copies disappearing.

The day was full of opportunities to meet new people, share ideas and ask for suggestions. Just like last year, I was really impressed at how open and honest everyone was about the difficulties they faced, and how eager the community was to help them out.

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