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Welcome to AB

We are an award-winning internal communications agency founded in 1964.

Our consultants, writers and designers create thought-provoking communications for a wide range of audiences – especially employees.  

Based in London for almost 50 years, we are the UK's oldest internal communications agency. Much has changed since 1964, but the audience remains at the heart of everything we do.

Acid test

Acid Test is AB's bespoke measurement tool. It gives a unique insight into the minds of those running and working for your organisation. It identifies where understanding is at its best and where it is failing – from the senior team to the frontline. 

Acid Test has been used for more than a decade by internal communication teams in Post Office, Rabobank, British Red Cross, Hallmark Cards, Campbell’s Grocery Products, EDF, Roche and HSBC. 


Post Office Wow

Wow is the newest magazine in our suite of publications produced for the Post Office.

As the title suggests, the magazine isn't what you would expect from a traditional piece of internal communications. The Post Office's Crown network is experiencing great change on its current journey to modernise. This magazine has been created to keep staff at the 370 branches in the loop.

Its design and editorial style purposely mirrors that of a gossip magazine so it sits proudly alongside consumer titles and presents need-to-know business messages in a format and style they are used to.

Feedback on the first issue has been excellent.


Subspaceonline is a daily news channel, provided by AB for Post Office. Our roving reporters visit Post Office brances up and down the country to deliver the latest community, network and small business news, keeping this active audience in the know.

Post Office Talk

Some internal audiences are harder to reach than others, and Talk magazine makes sure the thousands of contact centre agents who answer the telephone: ‘Good morning, Post Office’, aren’t left out in the cold. This important third-party audience, who are not direct employees of Post Office, can learn more about the brand and values by reading content aimed directly at their young, attention-poor demographic, interspersed with engaging lifestyle copy, such as book reviews, pop culture news and travel tips. 

Talk has won multiple IOIC awards for content and design.

Award-winning images

Our photographers, David Cotter and Stuart Howat, have received Class Wins in the IoIC ICon awards for three years running, for their dedication to capturing employees in their own environment.

Having an in-house photographic team allows us to make images and the written word truly work together.

Rabobank Client Link

AB created this internal brand for Rabobank's secure network system. It encourages employees to input data that can be shared around the globe. 

Creating content

This short film shows how the AB team creates its award-winning publications – gathering content, finding the right image and bringing it all together.


Royal Mail specials

We have produced a number of special publications for Royal Mail over the last 18 months. Prostate Cancer UK is Royal Mail’s charity of the year, so to help raise awareness of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we produced a leaflet that included facts and figures about the disease, as well as information about how staff can get involved in raising money for the charity.

Network Rail Insight

Did you know Network Rail owns a huge portfolio of property? This quarterly publication for tenants showcases a diverse small businesses portfolio, from microbreweries to cheesemongers, hairdressers to photographers, bars, florists and everything in between. 

Fantastic environmental portraiture brings the best of businesses to life, allowing tenants to imagine what they can achieve in Network Rail space. 

Sharing best practice, asking the secrets to their success and offering small business news lets Network Rail play a part in their tenants’ stories. 

Insight has won multiple IoIC awards and AB has been producing the title for more than a decade. 

Post Office Magazine

This pilot publication for Post Office customers was launched in selected branches in spring 2013. It supports product sales while engaging the community with one of the UK's largest high street retailers.

Post Office Subspace

Post Office is a business undergoing major change, and its network of subpostmasers need to be kept in the know. Subspace works hard to set the scene for these small business owners, telling both sides of the story and asking difficult questions of senior management, such as, ‘What does the Post Office of the future look like, and is there a place for me in it?’ 

The popular Subspace Tour has now covered almost 10,000 miles, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to make sure the magazine involves readers from across the entire UK network. 

BTP Lima Beat

Communications cannot stay still, and Lima Beat, BTP L Area’s new online publication, maintains the same high photographic, design and editorial standards as its predecessor L magazine.

KPMG Highlights

At the start of 2013, AB redesigned Highlights for KPMG, keeping the landscape format preferred by readers, while introducing a fresh new look in keeping with its friendly editorial tone.

KPMG staff see Highlights as the ‘people’s publication’ and we always look to tell stories from a personal perspective – such as an employee who baked homemade cupcakes for a meeting with one of Britain’s best-loved bakeries. 

Alongside the print magazine we’ve developed two digital editions of Highlights, which are proving hugely popular with KPMG’s tech-savvy staff. 


Latitude is the new annual magazine for Dana Petroleum, produced by AB. Its diverse audience comprises employees of the oil and gas exploration and production company as well as opinion influencers and other stakeholders.

The company has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which underpins its current success and ambitious plans for future growth. In creating Latitude, we wanted it to stand out from the crowd from the offset.

Our choice of an oversized format was a statement in itself – that not only is Dana’s a voice to be heard, but that as a company it is able to develop without the usual constraints in an industry that is often uniform, conservative and predictable. This is precisely why we called the magazine Latitude.

We commission intelligent, challenging and authoritative articles that look for unusual or fresh angles. These stories are illustrated with striking photography and modern info-graphics.

Features are written by a select group of commentators, public figures and writers in a publication that is open about the oil industry and unafraid to tackle topical issues, even the more controversial ones. 

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